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Ski Touring Senja

Located deep into the Arctic Circle you find Senja, the second largest island in Norway, with great ski touring potential. Dramatic landscape, steep mountains plunging into the fjords, narrow roads twists and turns along the crystal clear, icy-cold water. Parts of the drive along the Norwegian Scenic Routes.

With these settings explore the possibilities Senja has to offer, visit Senja for those magical skiing moments. Ski summit to sea, every meter of altitude is utilized.  With its low alpine peaks and super short marches means that most people reach two peaks in one day, Senja is a ski touring paradise. Here are mountains suitable for everyone, regardless of level.

We also offer boat transfer to the other side of the fjord, where there are no roads, to enjoy pristine conditions.

The historic fishing village Torsken is perfectly located on the outside of Senja island. The fish-rich fjord of the same name has always provided work and food for the people here and has attracted many fishermen to the place. On-site we now find a salmon farm, a salmon processing plant, and a pelagic fish processing plant.

Torsken is the perfect basecamp to explore Senja. Here you find our excellent, top rated, restaurant. You can enjoy sauna and jacuzzi after a long day in the mountains, or just socialize with your friends or partner in one of our many accommodations. Here is easy to find time for hygge and if you are in the mood, try the after ski in Torsken Brygge Pub.

Our restaurant opened June 1st 2021, and have already made quite a reputation for excellent service and casual fine dining. Serving international food made by local ingredients of first-class quality, giving a new meaning to the term “short-haul food”. The seafood products are of course from our own salmon farm and white fish reception in the neighbourhood.

If you are not confident or skilled enough to explore Senja by yourself, you can sign up in one of our all-inclusive tours.

Certified local guides will give you the best way to experience Senja. With local knowledge, they know the conditions and maintain safety. The guides will adjust the tours according to the expectation and level of the group.

Senja has great variety of ski touring options.  We choose itinerary according to the snow conditions. Most routes are accessible with just a short drive. Expect peaks from 600 to 1000 masl, where every meter of altitude is utilized as we ski summit to sea.

Top tip

Book the tour, Tech Visit at Wilsgård Salmon processing farm, see the journey of the salmon from the time it is picked up from the sea and to it ends up in boxes, ready for the world and the dinner tables.  Then try it in our restaurant.

Senja has mountains that are suitable for everyone, regardless of level. We adjust the tours according to the expectation and level of the group.

February – Mai. 

From May 19th to the beginning of June you can go ski touring in the Midnight Sun but expect some hiking before you get up to the snow.

Alpine peaks
Couloirs to the ocean
Open rolling faces
Sea to summit

Store Hesten (874 m) has an unusually accessible run – you can start skiing right next to the parking at Hestesletta. With spectacular views and a variety of descents, Store Hesten is considered one of Senja’s best ski touring mountains.

Kvænan (964 m) with its iconic pinnacles and north face offers interesting terrain and fine skiing. A nice destination late in the season and a place to go Midnight Sun ski touring due to its north face descent.

Keipen (938 m) Senja’s most classic ski touring destination. Alpine and with a breath-taking view. Very often snow conditions are good. Recommended!