On the track to Kvænan, Senja
On the track to Kvænan, Senja

Ski touring on Senja - 3 days of skiing

Torsken is perfectly located on the outside of Senja island. The steep mountains plunging deep into the ocean are breathtaking sights and the most prominent feature of Senja. The roads are narrow, twists and turns along fjords with crystal clear, icy-cold waters. Dramatic landscape on a road which is occasionally quite narrow and winding – Whit these settings explore the possibilities Senja has to offer ski touring.  Low alpine peaks and super short marches means that most people reach two peaks in one day. Senja is a paradise for ski touring!

Torsken is the perfect basecamp to explore Senja, and with an excellent restaurant it is easy to find time for hygge.




February 8-11 / Other dates on request

Degree of difficulty

Adjusted to group skills

Number of participants

4-12 people


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