Torsken Brygge Pub

Torsken Brygge

Torsken Brygge Pub

The pub has all rights and also serves pizzas with locally inspired names and of course a pizza with Wilsgård smoked salmon – a must try! The opening hours vary, the pub has its own Facebook page where news/information is continuously updated.

The venue has 60 seats inside and a large quay plating in front with more seats and a large mingling area.

It is also possible to rent the pub for events, contact us at


About Torsken Brygge:

Torsken Brygge was built in 1930. Olai Andreassen built this, after the previous wharf burned down.

Olai’s plan was for the pier to become the bulk flour warehouse that he would rent out to the State. He did not get the agreement on flour storage, so the wharf was used for the fishing industry and storage. When the wharf with quay was completed, it was the quay in Torsken with the greatest depth in front, so the largest boats could dock there.

From the time it was built, the wharf had two “fisherman’s rooms” where the fishermen could live. Here there were 4 beds per room, there was an oven and a sink. The beds were 175 cm long. The Fisker rooms are today hotel rooms 101 and 102, they are the same size as they were originally, but part of the room is now used to create a bathroom.

The wharf is a “Mannsard construction” with the characteristic roof for which this construction is known. The quay in front of the pier was removed in the 1960s, and after this there was little activity in the building. In recent years, the pier has been falling into disrepair. Wilsgård bought the jetty in 2020, and started the renovation work immediately. Today, Torsken Brygge houses 5 double rooms and a common room on the 2nd floor, 2 double rooms and a pub on the first floor.